Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen remodel and cabinet installation project can be the most invasive and emotionally draining of any home improvement project. We understand the seriousness of your kitchen projects and have evolved our processes over two decades to ensure that your project goes smoothly. The most important thing is to get the measurement right. Our installers know this and spend extra time to get your kitchen measurement 100% right every time. They combine their years of installation experience with proprietary measurement technology, to ensure that your project dimensions are precisely recorded.

Our designers then create your dream kitchen using the latest design software. Your project then moves through the ordering, installation validation, and installation phases of the process. Each step of the way, your personal project coordinator keeps you informed and your project moving towards an on-time, worry-free completion.

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A typical kitchen remodeling project at RFI would entail:

  • Computer enabled measurement and design technology
  • Associates trained to assist customers in product selection and design suggestions
  • Post-close and pre-construction inspection meetings to ensure clear expectations setting for all parties
  • Comprehensive “Tune-Up” visit 30 days after installation to ensure all issues are addressed

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